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Unconscious money scripts, we all have them. Often we think financial planning is about how, when, and where. As you become more aware of your personal money scripts you will learn it's more about "why" and "who".  Over the course of our relationship we will help you become more conscious and rewrite your personal Money Script.

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Money Script Wealth Management, PLLC specializes in helping high-income earners take charge of their finances. We are a fiduciary firm that specializes in cash flow planning, debt reduction, wealth management. We help clients plan for educating children, buying properties, and financial independence. Our team will also help you plan on what to do in case sh*t happens unexpectedly.

Our team has more than 40 years of experience in helping clients rewrite their Money Script and take control of their futures.

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Our philosophy is to educate you on basic financial principles & empower you to write your personal money script. We want to help you improve your financial future.

Many of us did not take personal finance courses in school. It can be challenging to keep up with the multitude of financial terms, accounts, and decisions we face daily. FinTech has revolutionized how we interact with our money, vendors, and financial institutions. With all of the technological advances, there are fundamental economic principles that still apply today.

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Financial planning doesn't have to be scary. Join us for a 45 minute complimentary consultation. We are confident you will become empowered to take action to reach your goals.

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Is Money Script Wealth Management, PLLC a fiduciary?


Does MSWM offer fee based planning?


Does MSWM offer investment management? If so, what custodians does MSWM use?

Yes. Altruist, Betterment and Charles Schwab.

Do you work with entrepreneurs?

Yes, we ❤️ entrepreneurs.

Is there an investment minimum?


What is a "high-income" earner?

High-income earners are households that earn $100k or more per year, or are on track to do so in the next few years.